Recreational days and TYHY

For occupational well-being and recreation! We offer variety of treatments, physical activities, lectures, sauna and swimming pool and of course, great food!


There is a wide range of treatments available for everyone

There is a wide range of treatments available for everyone. Our speciality is bonesetting.

We also offer: classic massage and various special massages, such as, massage of neural pathways, stress-relieving neck massage and hot stone massage. Acupuncture, reflexology, ear candling and hairdresser services are also available in our offer.

You can take part in sauna yoga classes, peat treatment and relaxation.



– Lifestyle Change – How to succeed?

– Weight loss

– Nutrition

– Exercise for well-being of the body and mind

– Body care, sleep and recovery

– Exercising- functioning and aging

– Better posture

Duration of each lecture is 1 hour.


Guided Exercising

– AllasLavis®
max. 25 people

-Pelvic exercises
max. 20 people

– Country dance
max. 40 people

– Body control and mobility
max. 25 people

– Fitness
15-40 people

– Guided gym exercises
max. 20 people

– Lavis dance fitness®
max. 40 people

– Physiofit®
max. 30 people

– Physiopilates®
max. 12 people

– Relaxation exercises
max. 40 people

max. 25 people

– Nordic Walking
max. 25 people

– Senior dance
max. 40 people

– Stretching
max. 40 people

– Water Aerobics
max. 25 people

Duration of each activity is 45 mins.


Good Food and Dining Together

Our buffet table offers a variety of delicious dishes. You can also order a la carte dishes. If you have booked Aquarius, we will serve you the food there.


Swimming pool and Rantasauna Aquarius as a cherry on top!

Sauna and swimming pool can be a great way to end your relaxing day. If you wish to spend a relaxing day with only your friends or family feel free to book our magnificent Rantasauna Aquarius. It has a beach sauna for 14 people, two changing rooms, a fireplace and a meeting room. You can swim in the lake or try ice swimming in winter!


Contact or 044 791 0470 / 044 7910480. Gather your group for a nice, refreshing day!


Get familiar with our treatments

+ Bonesetting is a gentle treatment of vertebra, joints and connective tissues. Prices

Classic massage

+ Classic massage is an old and well-known treatment that helps with variety of tension in the body, releasing the pain. Massage stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and removal of waste products from the body. Massage increases the flexibility of muscles, soothes and relaxes. Prices

Massage of neural pathways

+ Massage of neural pathways is a treatment of the body from head to toes. The massage involves longitudinal and transverse nerve pathways as well as brain and spinal nerves.
Central nervous system can be rehabilitated through the peripheral nervous system.
The treatment improves blood circulation, lymph circulation, metabolism, digestion and hormone balance. It clears the body from its waste products and strengthens internal organs, improves the absorption of nutrients.
Massage of neural pathways awakens awakens body’s natural defense mechanism and eliminates the symptoms of disease.

Aroma massage 58€/90min

+ Aroma massage is a gentle and relaxing body treatment. The massage is lighter than a classic massage and the muscles are massaged with soft brushes. The treatment relaxes both body and mind.

Stress-relieving neck massage 48€/45min

+ Stress-relieving neck massage is a powerful treatment for neck and shoulders. It cures neck pain and tension caused by stress or work. The massage is done with a special Kramppimix oil, which relaxes and warms up the muscles.

Hot stone massage 50€/60min

+ Hot stone massage is a wonderful, deeply relaxing treatment with warm stones placed on your body. Hot stones expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Peat Treatment

+ We use Lehtosuo treatment peat, which helps to cure rash, psoriasis, acne, myalgia, arthritis, rheumatic pain, swelling, circulation problems, menstrual pain, menopause and prostate problems.

Scalp Peat Treatment 39€

– Includes peat bath, hair wash, hairstyle and cutting (+10€)

Peat treatment with neck and shoulder massage 58€/60min

Peat mask and massage 28€/30min

Acupuncture 40€/ 40-45min

+ In acupuncture pressure points are being stimulated with needles. Acupuncture improves blood circulation and reduces tissue irritation. Acupuncture is safe and does not bring any side effects. You may feel tenderness in the treated areas, but they will disappear within a few days.

Reflexology 50€/60min

+ The main idea in reflexology is that specific points on the hands and feet, which are called zones, are connected to other specific parts of the body. Reflexology is used to treat imbalance in organs and various parts of body.

Ear candling 30€/30-40min

+ Based on the old healing method of the Hopi Indians.
Candle is inserted into the ear and lit, with patient lying on the opposite ear.
Burning of the candle removes impurities, strengthens lymphatic circulation, warms up and relaxes. Treatment is held on both ears. The whole process is pleasant and painless.

Cosmetology treatments

+ Various foot, hand and facial treatments. Prices

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